Objects render fine on my PC, but not on headless linux machine

I’ll attach the file at the end of this post. All other scenes in this project render fine, but one specific render layer on one specific scene render’s all out of sorts.

This is what it should look like (rendered on my machine):

And this is what it looks like after I render it on my headless render server:

If I render it using CPU it renders a completely transparent image. Also, when the camera stops moving, the image renders correctly. I am really at a loss as to what is going on, as like I said, every other scene with moving cameras and the same effects do render correctly.

My system specs:
Windows 10
GTX 1070
GTX 970

Headless machine:
Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
AMD FX-6350
2x P106-100

animation_testing.blend (813.4 KB)

Just as a note, the file and example images shown here are incredibly stripped down versions of the actual project that still displays the issues. I promise I’m not just trying to render green cubes :yum:

Cycles should render similarly on any OS and with any hardware. If you are using the same versions of Blender on both machines, and you get different results, you should report the problem and share this .blend file with developers.