Objects rendering see-through ish? Pic attached

Can’t figure out why. This should just be a solid plain object. .blend and MOV below.


Without seeing the blender file I can’t be sure, but it almost looks as if the photograph (?) background is in front of the object and has some transparency, allowing the object to be seen.

The obvious possibility is that in the Material section for the object in question, you’ve checked transparency and set the alpha to about .1 If it was in a different layer than the background, it wouldn’t show as transparent until you rendered.

Just a noob, but I’m working on logic here.

I don’t think the background image is in front, but I’ve attached my .blend file and the .MOV clip to the original post above, if anyone can look at it. Thanks!

I downloaded the zip file that you attached and looked at the movie, which didn’t show your object at all, just the woodchips and papers. I looked at the blender file and all I saw was a cube (unmodified) and a bunch of marks on the background (which I am at a loss to interpret). Attempting to do a quick render, either in BI or in Cycles, produced no image. I wasn’t able to see any textures or materials for the cube either.

There is obviously something I’m missing. I hope that someone with more kung-fu notices this theread.

Not massively au fait with motion tracking, but looking at your compositing and render layers, you’ve got the cube as the background layer, and the image as the foreground. When I flipped the layers and mask round in the scene panel the cube showed up (there was never any image for the background so I’m guessing you didn’t bundle it with the .blend file).
Hopefully this is what’s going wrong with it :slight_smile:

Well you’re absolutely right! Don’t know why I didn’t check that before, but it was a layers problem. Thanks!

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