Objects Ride Along Surface Of Fluid Simulation

Hi All,

I was just wondering how to make objects float on the surface of a fluid simulation like they are being pushed out of the way, then ride along the surface down stream?:spin:

Just guessing here, I have not tried it but, vertex parent the object to point on the surface after baking the simulation?

But that won’t make the fluid push some boxes out of the way then sweep them down stream.
I think they need to be included into the simulation, somehow?

Answer: by hand.

Only way I can think of is to write a script that outputs the location of a vertex for each frame. Then use the Convert to IPO script to convert that into an IPO for the object.

Use a combination of curve Follow Path and Softbodies. For the Softbody object, don’t create a vertex group. This will give you that floaty effect. For the curve, make sure you add some kinks to it so that the softbody effects can do their thing to make the object have that floating effect. I did a quick test that worked fine for me. YMMV, depending on the exact look that you want. You still might have to do some manual keyframing, though.

I wouldn’t spend time trying to make it an actual simulation, fake it.