Objects rotating/moving after adding a keyframe and moving to the next frame


The problem: All of my meshes are in their correct positions. However, when I go to add a simple location animation, the particular mesh rotates/moves after I add in the key frame, move to my desired frame and then select the mesh to move it.

Before keyframe:

Keyframe added:

Desired frame (24) and mesh selected, mesh rotates?:

Probably an easy fix, but I’m lost and it’s driving me mad! Thanks!

No one? :frowning:

Is the mesh constrained to any other object in some way??

No, I have the same problem with another object which rotates AND moves. When I reset the origin point to the objects centre, it stops the object from moving which is what I want. However, it doesn’t stop the rotation of the object. Sorry if this isn’t clear, I would attach my blender file but it isn’t working for some reason.

just upload the blend file to dropbox or box.com and paste a link.

Could it be something to do with actions being per object and as you switch objects it switches action.


There you go.

I applied the scale(Ctrl+A) and the flipping stopped.

The object origin will shift when you do that but you can always get it to where you want later.

you also have rigid body dynamics on the object so that could affect it as well.

Thank you!