Objects shaded black not grey?

I hope someone can give me a tip as this is probably something small that i’m overseeing.

This has happened a few times now, i’ve created a model out of basic shapes, nothing complex. But while editing the model, it turns all black so I can’t see any of the sides? I’ve check the display modes, shaded, solid, etc. I’ve added lights, taken lights away, recalculated the normals inside and out.

I’m driving myself nuts to try and figure this out. The only things i’ve been able to find about this is “set smooth” and “set solid”, but that doesn’t really work. I want the model to be totally grey in solid mode when i’m editing so I can see the faces and edges easier. I’ve also tried changing the material colors with no luck.

Anyone got a clue? You would save me hours of bashing my head on my keyboard! :slight_smile:

If you could post the 'problem’file someone could take a look?

Here’s the file, much thanks for looking at it.

Strange. Just after I read this, I started Blender, and, I had the same problem :S. At least, it only happens to newly created faces, and it disappears as soon as I move from edit mode to object mode.

Could be the same, but, I don’t know a solution yet…

I am getting ‘not found’ on the file link

I messed up trying to post the link. Here it is again.



Well, you are missing some faces. First, delete the material index that you have assigned. In object mode, in the “Links and Materials” panel, you will see that you have a material index assigned, and it is red. Delete the index.

Now you will see grey, and notice that there are some inside faces missing. The faces you have do not form a closed object, and that could be causing the problem.

See attached pics.


Hey Obi_Ron, thanks for that. I didn’t even notice! I closed the faces, but it still didn’t work. The faces stayed black with a slight shade to it.

Maybe I’m approaching a problem the wrong way though? I’m trying to make a wall off a cad drawing I have, so what I tried was to make a flat plane, loop cut the plane to make the walls.

Once I had the walls the right size, I selected the faces of the plane I cut and extruded them. Could that be causing the problem? Extruding the cuts from the plane? Is there a better way to do what I’m trying to accomplish?

Thanks for checking it out!