[Objects]Sliding down slants

Hey everyone,
I got a huge problem! I have my player sliding down slants. If you notice in real life if you are climbing up a hill, you down slide down, unless it’s slippery. I need a python script or some friction increase to stop the character from sliding.

This sliding problem also happens when I’m going at a high speed, when I stop, the character slides backwards.

I’m using what hopefully most of you use. I use servo motion and when I’m not pressing any keys, servo motion has 0 for everything, so it should stop in it’s track, it’s kind of working, but as I said when I stop moving the character slides backwards, and if it’s on a slant the character slides down it. I don’t this to happen.

Sorry it’s repetitive.

If you need a .blend you can download my game demo here:
It’s a .zip:
Beta Level w/ sliding problem

Here’s the thread if you want to see the progress :D:
Game Thread

Thanks for the help,

I played and I must say that your game is made very excellently. I didnt find any of the glitches you talked about…were you talking about that steep brown hill? because im pretty sure that your not supposed to climb that.

Also, the only real problem I found, was that the character starts waist deep in the ground.

Really? When I play it doesn’t start waist deep in the ground… That’s really weird. :confused:

Our animator also told me it started waist deep in the ground but when I download it and when I play it, it’s not waist deep in the ground.

Now for the problem, if you noticed when you stop running you’ll notice the character moves backwards, and when your on slants (in the small field) you slid down… :confused:

Thanks for the comment,

None of that happens to me…Try exporting to a .exe and see if it makes a difference.

OK. So I fixed the sinking problem. All you have to do is subdivide smooth the ground mesh. That fixes that. Also, I extensively went thorough the level and found none of the glitches you were talking about. the only thing that I would say is “Your game is very good. :)”

Thanks, I guess it’s something in my computer? I don’t know :confused: I’ll try to fx it…

Thanks anyways,