Objects sliding in tracked footage

Hi guys,
I’ve successfully tracked a footage with an average solve error of about 0.4 :slight_smile:
I’ve set the floor, x-axis, scale and when I play the footage the trackers all stayed perfectly in place.
BUT: If I place a object into the scene it is sliding around in the direction the real camera moves, i.e. from the left to the right.
I’ve tracked the footage quiet a few times from the beginning but the objects still slide.
Can you help me please. I’ve seen a bunch of tutorials but none of them are giving any tips how to prevent sliding of objects.
Thanks a lot for any advice

if your track is good then it means that your object isnt in the right place.

if you put you object on one of your trackers, does it still slide? if yes, then your track/solution isnt right. if not then its the placing of your object in the scene

Thank you very much pingking23! That was the essential clue.