Objects snapping. (Help please!)

I’m not sure if I should post this question here or elsewhere. I’ll just give it a crack.

I have been using Blender for nearly two and a half years. I’ve come a long way and learned an awful lot. Of course, there’s a lot more to learn still. I’ve been modeling for a while, and I’ve just gotten into doing animations.

Well, I made a model, and I’m ready to animate it. I set a keyframe point at Frame 1. Ready to work, right? Well, when I move to another frame, my model snaps to somewhere else on the screen. Even if I have a keyframe somewhere else, it acts like I haven’t done anything at all.

This is very frustrating, as you can imagine. I don’t know why on earth it’s doing this, and I would like some help. No other keyframes were placed. I’m sure there’s an object property or something that I’m just not aware of yet.

I would greatly appreciate any help here. I am at a loss.


It sounds like you set a location keyframe then moved the object afterward. If that’s the case all will look fine on the 3d view but when you render/animate, the object will jump to the keyed location (where you told it to be when you set a keyframe).

just add another key frame to the same frame which should overwrite the first one. Or if you want to practice with IPO, just edit the verts there the same way you would for the model in edit mode.

No, fellas. It’s not keyframes at all. I can read an IPO graph. I know there are no keyframes set. In fact, the IPO panel is completely empty. No dots, lines, curves, or the like. This is not a keyframe issue. I also know this because the same thing happens when I add the library to another file. No matter where I set the keyframes (when I do, that is), the object snaps back to some crazy location.

Nope. No keyframe is controlling is that.

Don’t be offended if I seam to doubt you but there is little in what I know that could explain what you describe but IPO behavior. Are you sure that you have verified all the IPO types that could possibly intervene: Object, Pose, Shape, Constraints… you may have set on something by accident.
Best if you can provide an example .blend. If you need to I’ll host it on a good server; just email it to me.


A few things could cause an object to move on a frame change that don’t involve (obvious) IPOs. Check for these:

Child of another object that’s animated
Softbody or shape keys on object
Constraints (esp copy loc)
Examine all modifiers

I’m really not offended. I do appreciate all the help you’ve all provided. If I can, I’ll post the file so you all can see what I’m up against.

It may take a while, though. Since it’s been so frustrating, I’ve focused my attention elsewhere. I’m currently engaged in a few other projects. But I’ll see if I can find time to spare.