objects snapping to centre, location, rotation and scale doesnt save

Hey guys, Im relatively new to blender, and am enjoying it immensely so far, but Ive run into a really annoying problem: the location, rotation and scaling of certain objects are not saved.
The closest thread I could find that related to my problem was this: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=180993&highlight=objects+repositioned+to+centre
which leads me to think that something is up with the objects’ datablocks (not sure what they are, but i assume they dictate the transformations on an object). Attached is the blend file with the buggy objects, and with a plane object whose transformations DO save.

PS: if you check the vertexgroups of some of the objects, you might find a list of bone names- I had an armature for the man but i deleted it. (by the way, deleting the vertex groups for the head didnt fix the problem)

PPS: I realise that the two pictures attached show the armature that used to be there, but as mentioned before, the problem still exists with it deleted

Thanks for reading this,


Blockman.blend (161 KB)

Create an IPO editor window. Select each object in turn and delete the ipo datablock in the IPO editor. Readjust the position of your objects and save.

Thank you sir, much appreciated. Could you explain why the ipo data was saved for those objects? is it something to do with keyframes? and why are transformations not saved when the ipo stuff exists?
(PS: I dont really know anything about IPO curves, I had a quick look at the manual and it looks like its just used for visualising the interpolation of loc, rot and scale of objects during animation)

Blender is just doing what you have told it to do. At some point you have set a location, rotation and scale keyframe for each object. If you move your object when you press play on the timeline it will see for frame 1 (or in your case any frame) the location, scale and rotation of your object should be what you have specified in the ipo editor, not the location you have just placed it (the same if you reopen the blend file). If you want to overwite the keyrame location, either keyframe with a new location or delete the ipo curve.

Ahhh I see. Thanks again.