objects stuck to wrong layer, help needed

Hi all, i have a house comprising of 4 floors, somehow though, the walls of the 2nd floor have become “stuck” to the floor of the 3rd floor, now matter what i do, i cant seem to put them back on the 2nd floor layer, can someone help?



(file is here)http://media-hunter.com/r1.zip

Hi, are the walls sitting on BOTH layers by chance? If so, just select them, hit M, and shift-left click to deselect the layer you don’t want them on.

No, the walls are only sitting on the 3rd layer.

hmmm, thats what i tried, but for some reason only some of the walls are selected, so i tried, edit mode, B, drag over bottom part of walss, then ctrl-L but nothing will select, ive doen this before with no probs, cant work out where i`m going wrong

What do you actually mean, Do you mean the walls of floor 2 and 3 move together. That’s because you have made them one and the same object called floor_03

Is that something you want or not. If not why do it.? You can separate any selected faces into a new object with shortcut P

thanks for the reply, i finally sorted it out, i`m not exactly sure why the two sets of walls became one, as i didnt do it intentionally.
i fixed it with the shortcut B, then CTRL-L, P, selection, and then M to move.

thanks again.

I’m glad you got it fixed. You probably had pressed Ctrl+J at some point by accident, perhaps when pressing Ctrl+L. Don’t forget you can select multiple objects just by Shift-Right-Clicking them.