objects that dont show up! ><

My tunnel wont show up!!! HELP!!! =)

Oval Race Track.blend (148 KB)

Select bridge > hold shift and select the road > Ctrl J > go in to edit mode > press P > by lose parts. I’m sure something is causing it to disappear, but I’m too busy to check. :rolleyes:

THANKS!!! It worked…i still wonder why it happened in the first place.

Mysterious effect. Your tunnel is parented to a curve. Curves are not supported by the GE and will not be displayed. The children is at least not visible too (It might be located somewhere else, so you can’t see it). Just unparent the Circle from CurveCircle and it is fine.

OHHHH! I thought i did that…so maybe thats why i didnt check! thank you!!!