Objects transparency

Is it possible to change objects transparency (animated transparency) without material modifications in Eevee. Materials duplication across objects is really annoying.

Alpha is purely a material property. So no, you can’t.

If your problem is you want to animate alpha for a bunch of objects at once, in the same way, and don’t want to keyframe a million things, put the value you want animated in a node group, then copy/paste that node group between all the materials you want to use it. Node groups are linked until you unlink them, so if you animate a value inside one node group, you animate it inside all copies of that node group.

In 2.92 you’ll be able to use custom properties of objects in materials nodes.

Yes, I know alpha is for material. It would be great to have 'Alpha" parameter for Object. This is one of these tiny things which would be Blender more ‘artistic’ and less ‘scientific’.
No, I need many object sharing the same material but disappear and appear at different times.

Ok, thanks. I have to look at this.

Not sure why object color doesn’t seem to work with Eevee, but maybe I’m not doing it right-- never something I actually want to do.

How I might free transparency from material that would be to use UV or vertex color as parameters to control alpha in the material. This could be encoded on the object like, alpha = clamp(someUVmap.x + #frame), or could be animated via modifiers. What would be ideal would depend on your exact goals.

'Cuz it doesn’t yet. But in 2.92…

That’s one material shared by three monkeys. All the difference comes from their object color. Or you could hook up any custom property there. It’s a really awesome addition.

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Awesome. This is what I needed. Thanks.


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??? :open_mouth: – I’m quite surprised, as Object Dissolve is a very (very) old part of Lightwave.