Objects' true attributes

The subject to this thread may make no sense, but may I explain myself.

I am using Blender to create low-poly models for use in DarkBasic Classic, which I am exporting to the .x format. Currently, I have created an airhockey table model, in which is includes seperate objects as the table, the bars holding up the overhead score box, and the score box.

I export the model with the objects at particular positions and with particular orientations. However, when I load the model into DBC, the objects are at different positions and standing with different orientations.

Though they are set a specific way in the Blender screen, what attributes make them to be at difference in DBC?

While creating the model, you’ve probably moved things around.

Select each object in turn and press Ctrl-A to apply size/rotation.

I don’t know what else it could be…

Sorry if this doesn’t help.


Thank you very much. Your answer has helped me greatly.