Objects' true attributes

(Nanobrain) #1

The subject to this thread may make no sense, but may I explain myself.

I am using Blender to create low-poly models for use in DarkBasic Classic, which I am exporting to the .x format. Currently, I have created an airhockey table model, in which is includes seperate objects as the table, the bars holding up the overhead score box, and the score box.

I export the model with the objects at particular positions and with particular orientations. However, when I load the model into DBC, the objects are at different positions and standing with different orientations.

Though they are set a specific way in the Blender screen, what attributes make them to be at difference in DBC?

(Duoas) #2

While creating the model, you’ve probably moved things around.

Select each object in turn and press Ctrl-A to apply size/rotation.

I don’t know what else it could be…

Sorry if this doesn’t help.

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Thank you very much. Your answer has helped me greatly.