objects untextured in texture mode.(2.5x)

Do not quite undertand if it is normal behaviour but I do not see in any view (texture mode) my objects with textures aplied. All I can see is the material color and nothing more until i press render, when I can see mixed textures. In the texture’s properites panel I check ‘both’ to see materials and textures on the object and both are applied to the object. But not in the camera or other view.
Can I set my preferences to see attached textures while working or I need ‘render’ to see applied textures.
Thanks for any idea:)

Hi northmantif,

a few days ago I had same question, take a look on my post, may it helps!:


A number of options. If your textures are image textures you can show in the 3d view by selecting ‘Textured’ view from the 3d view header and in the properties panel (N) in the display settings set the shading to GLSL (your graphics card need to be compatible but any modern cards should work)

Thank you Richard. I needed to set GLSL option to work it out…:slight_smile:

Thanks Success!!
3D View Properties Panel…
Shading GLSL