Objects Vanish

Iv made a 30 second animation of spider-man swinging down a street, the camera starts in front of spidey and after 100 frames it rotates round to the side, the problem i’m having is that when i export the animation, when the camera is panning through the city in front of spidey the building behind him start to vanish.

The animation consists of 2 layers, spidey swinging with lights and camera on the first layer, and the city in the 2nd, how can i make the buildings behind him stay visible?

I cant post the file as it is far too big, but i’ve posted some screenshots.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.


I figured it out, you select the camera, and go into the editing panel (F9) And where it says Clipping Start/End you change the end, its default is 100, i made it 500 and it gives a nice perspective view of the street.