Objects warp to origin point when starting Animation or reopen Project

Hello there,

I have a problem in my project. Every time I press play to see my animation, some random objects get warpet to the origin point. They do not have Keyframes but weirdly, many other objects on my map do, despite me not setting them up. I deleted the excess Keyframes from the other Objects and then it worked. But after I reopened my project, everything was the same again (I did save many times in between). I haven’t found anyone with a similar problem on here, so I decided to open this thread. Please, can someone help me? The files are in this link, the project is named “Marceusia2.blend”: https://we.tl/t-cBnvk7GZj3

Can you just link the .Blend file…Not going to download a 1.7 gig file to try and help!