Objects with linked position, strange behaviour

Hi there, something I don’t understand happens here
I started a rig, and I notice that some objects (not armature) positions were linked.
I deleted every thing except 2 objects linked, I checked groups, parents, actions, driver…

I don’t understand why this objects are linked in position…

finally, I try a right click on their positions and “reset to default value”, and then it was unlink… I noticed it was unlink when I append them in a new file too.

Can someone explain me this strange behaviour? I want to avoid to do this again…


position_instance.blend (1.42 MB)

Press O to turn off proportional editing
The two objects are in exactly the same position so in proportional editing in object mode they move together.

Ok! I did not know it was possible to affect objects too.
Very cool. Big Big thanks