Objects you can interact with.......in an fps game.

yeah i have a basic fps game in the making.

you move around, look with the mouse…whatever… oh and jump as well…

how do you make it so that you can like, pick up an object, then throw it away from you or something?

yeah i also would like to know how to make it so that you have a weapon and you can shoot others, and see them dying? melee and ranged.

i love fast replies guys. :slight_smile:

So, basically, you would like someone else to tell you exactly how to do these things, so you won’t have to think for yourself about this, and you want it fast, yes?

Well, I would be happy if nobody answered this post.

But I will offer help.

See, in the GE are things called logic bricks. There are sensors, controllers and actuators. Sensors register events, actuators can make things happen on these events. Now, use your brain (that round pink thing inside your skull :slight_smile: ) and combine a sensor with a actuator for what you would like to happen. You could learn something this way :o

Or, search this forum for useful blends.

Or, like me (the idiot that I undoubtedly am), spend 5 years working with the GE and build your knowledge from experience.