Objet in scultp mode with multires disapear on render viewport

Hello, I’v a stange behavior when I sculpt and try to launch a render in viewport in “sculpt mode” and multires,the object disapear on render view.
If I’ll remove the multires it render ok
If I ll move the sculpt icon to another object in outliner the object reapear in render!!!

The same objet in "objet mode"with the same multires is here in render view.
Have you experienced this strange behavior?

Thanks by advance for your help.
Best regard.

Sorry… What ?!? You can hide an object, make it unselectable, exclude it from render and some others (holdout…) in the outliner but never make it sculptable with it…
Are you sure you just didn’t disabled it from render ???

Hello, thank for the response.

For the render it’s not the render with F12 but the viewport render, no all is good ,it’s just when I’ll try the window render on sculpt mode enabled and multires the object is invisible, the workaround I’ll find is to sculpt select (the knife icon for sculpt in outliner )to an object with no multires and it work… Very strange.

Ahh no i get it… i guess the performance for sculpting would be VERY BAD if done in Viewport Shading: Rendered with a multires modifier so it is somekind of disabled… By the way if you check sculpt on basemesh it works…

Thanks for the advice, very interresting.