Oblivion drone

Not an exact replica but inspired by the Oblivion Drone. Not quite happy with the texturing and I might return to this for further work on the back part of it. It is modeled, but textured etc.
Renders in cycles and used the sIBL importer for the environment lighting. It really a great plug in that makes it very easy to select an environment and export it to blender.

should try to get some ‘wasteland’ environment.

I ‘finished’ the back, added some kind of burner effect and heat distortion

hope you like it, cheers

dude! Not bad, man!

I did one of these awhile back. I thought it was alot harder than it looked… I also did an entire scene with the water processing towers.
I did mine when the movie was still in the theaters, so reference pics were hard to come by.
Did you finish the back?

Wow Rich33584, I saw your ‘Obvlivion inspired’ thread before which didn’t show much detail. But the ‘Security Drone’ thread is very nice. Love the details you modeled. And overall way better than this model (I’m depressed now ;-)! I found the back to be pretty hard. I didn’t really get the plane intersection with the sphere right. Also haven’t done antennas etc. Would love to see a mesh, because I now know from experience that it is quit hard (at least for me)

Your lighting is all wrong, but that is a great model. Now you just need some ambient occlusion and good HDRI

BentNewton, ‘lighting is all wrong’…in all images? When using the sIBL importer a real HDR setup is created with an HDR image, background, environment , reflection maps and a sun lamp in the right place…I don’t see where it is all wrong…

I’m sorry maybe I was wrong. I sometimes have several windows opened and I’m not paying close attention. The model stands out from the background but this might be due material settings. Really now that I look at them it’s just the last picture that it really stands out. I’m sorry for saying “all wrong” It’s not all wrong. I think the material needs some work though. Not enough small detail and probably either too much gloss or the gloss is too rough. I don’t know. Ur doing good work, but I know you want to make it even better. The first image is the best imo. I had to look for a second to make sure it wasn’t from the movie.

I put my model on blendswap. The back is a bitch and I dont think it was an exact replica, but I was happy with it.

BrentNewton I think it has something to due with how sharp the model is compared to the background, the Depth of Field and somewhat plasticy feeling of the material
Rich33584 Cool I will have a look at it

Just uploaded some new images in original post

Quite possible. You could add some geometry and really bring out some detail in the model, but then it would be less game worthy if that was your goal.