oblivion IV - stupid grin stuck on face

Help me! I’m trapped in medieval geek land :slight_smile:

Seriously, I just can’t get over how enjoyable this game is. Now, I know, one mans treasure is another mans trash - but if you haven’t looked at oblivion I HIGHLY recommend it. Funny thing is, in spite of my joke above, I’m not even a medieval geek - I just love (what for me is) the extremely immersive quality of the game. And now I’m finding out about all this cool modding stuff that is available… is there a 12 step program for oblivioneers? :wink:

I’ve got it, played it for a while and am currently on a several month “break” (although I’m not sure if I’m going to get back into the game or not).

I downloaded a heap of mods! Some of them game me an unfair advantage though :o
Also my computer’s pretty crappy but I put the settings on full and HOLY crap it looked good. Laggy as hell though.

P.S: I also always use to use the ‘z’ key to put dead animals and monsters in “compromising” positions, hehe :slight_smile:

Somewhere on my computer there should be a very interesting screenshot of a dog and a zombie…

the game and nice and all, but the computer that i had it running on laged like hell on normal setings despite the 2 gigs of ram and 256 video

And I only just started playing Morrowind again yesterday…

Well, I own Oblivion, but I let someone borrow it for like six months. They’re mailing it to me next week.

Funny that you should post this thread while this is going on for me…

BTW, there is a mod for Oblivion that makes the graphics really simple, so it can be run on much slower computers. Not sure what it’s called, though.

I can’t play this game. I spent more than 40 hours in the first week playing it, so I had to get rid of it.

It’s too good.

Love the game… But stopped playing it because I did spend too much time on it… When you start its hard to stop again… like good books and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, glad I’m not only one to suffer mild addiction to it :slight_smile:
It has cured me of mmporgitis though - I’ve yet to experience an mmorpg that feels as immersive as oblivion

Nah, my summer game addiction is the Special Extended Edition mod for Battle for Middle Earth II. linky :eyebrowlift:

I played it and the visuals are very good but I didn’t find it interesting at all. Take for example Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Here you have a nice, fit girl who likes to get a bit wet sometimes and does all sorts of acrobatic movements while fighting bats, wolves, bears, dinosaurs (yes dinosaurs) and bad guys and travelling to jungles, snow-capped mountains, caves and deserts and that’s just the first 4 levels - I haven’t been on the vehicles yet.

Oblivion starts in a bunch of tunnels where you run through with a sword or axe as some dumpy guy and you just have to kill ogres using the old two slash movements. The same scenes over and over. I played it for about half an hour and then I got to the bit where you protect some king for whatever reason, warning plot spoiler who dies anyway and then you have to take something he gives you to someone else, so I just skipped that junk to get outside.

I get outside and the scenery is breathtaking. So I run and I run and I run and I figure out that that’s all I’m really doing. Just running through a pretty forest looking at trees. They might as well have included a dog and a leash (maybe there’s a mod for that). I ran to the lake (again pretty) took a little swim and then deleted the game.

Maybe it’s just the genre but I don’t see the point to making levels so big in games. Imagine if they did that with the 2D side-scrollers we used to play. If they just made a big long line and your character moved along it slowly. Sure it adds longevity to the game but in a tedious way.

GTA almost got that way too but they had a good balance of having things to do and having a fairly open-ended game.

How much time do you all spend on average playing these games and are they games that you can complete or do you just keep developing your character?

The mod that gives oblivion simple graphics is called Oldblivion. Google.

Oblivion was addicting for me at first, but I’ve stopped playing it for the past few months. You can get a huge amount of extra gameplay through mods (I reccommend the thieves arsenal), and modding the game is quite fun as well. Blender can be used. That’s always a plus. :wink:

The storyline is dynamic but short, so you have to rely on the massive amount of side quests for the game to be enjoyable.
The graphics are amazing, even though that will cause lag on all but the best of computers. If you get lag, try getting the streamline mod. This constantly tweaks the game’s graphics settings to speed things up, and makes the video cache clear more often.
You’ll get tired of the game very, very quickly after you become really powerful, and you realize that everything in the game is levelled to you…

Personally I like morrowind better then oblivion. Mostly because of the atmosphere morrowind breathes out. Oblivion just feels so plain and boring compared to morrowind. I started playing morrowind again 2 weeks ago and I can’t believe how much time I wasted shitting arround in the gorgeous dungeons of oblivion.

Grapics: Oblivion > Morrowind
Game: Morrowind >Oblivion
Modding: Morrowind > Oblivion (coding and building in TES:CSIII is so much easier)

Too true, however there are mods which randomise the leveling of everything. Unfortunately the difficulty is insane at times (try killing a Minotour Lord at level 2, even with the difficulty scailer at easiest its pretty much impossible), however there are really easy non-cheating ways to make things very easy.

You can try wearing more four items of clothing which have chameleon on them (turns you completely invisible and everything is easy after that) or you can try using a really weak unlocking spell on a door that can only be unlocked by its appropriate key (put a weight on the spell key and leave the room for the next couple of hours, repeat when if reach level 25, 50, 75 or 100). Afterwards your alteration skill will be so pawerful you can cast a sheild spell rendering you virtually invinsible.

Alternatively you can use the editor to build your own tweaks (a bow that is scripted to kill instantly and ignore essential character profile, whats dead stays dead, even a certain giant lord of oblivion).

In the end if you get bored, buy the expansion, its really wierd. Peoples faces are not fat, which is a nice change.


i stoped playing it when i switched to linux… though well my xp2500+ geforce fx5200 with 1gig of ram aint th ebest mashine to play it anyway… i have it on another computer in the household but that one aint mine and i dont visit it all that often… 'nyways i love the knights of the nine(have the dvd, not the online download) :slight_smile: its a great game! >.<

I should probably mention that I don’t usually last a day or two before going on to the web and finding a god mode cheat. I like to go the long way, but I like to travel by train not tricycle :slight_smile:

good game, annoying bugs…

Yeah it takes a long time to actually get into the game properly. A Tip (which made it a hell of a lot more fun for me): Download MMM (Mart…something’s Monster Mod… I think… anyway) Instead of 2 bandits outside there’s four, inside there’s like 15! (Not sure if they are the correct numbers but…yeah). I also used a mod that made axes (non-enchanted) categorized as blades, one where you can pick up arena loot as well as an archery mod which added some bows and some arrows of which kicked major ass.

Annoying? What’s so annoying about duplicating items an unlimited amount of items?

Random NPC death? I’d call that annoying. Being arrested near the end of a quest because (somehow) the guard got through the only exit with a key on the guy you have to kill, and not being able to go back in to kill him? Annoying.

Although duping/stacking paint brushes is rather fun at times… Tedious, but interesting to see where you can get.

Once I found you could move dead bodies (I’m not one for reading instructions) I had a lot more fun with the physics than the actual gameplay. None of this dying in a dignified pose when you fled from a fight you started…

I found an easy way to crash the game:

Get at least 500 arrows
Get an amulet with a physics-enabled string
Now duplicate the amulet with the glitch
500 amulets with ragdoll physics will fall to the ground. Need I say more?

Or losing all your belongings in the archmages bedroom (which you own).