Oblivion Modding

I’m sure this has been asked and answered before, but after a search of forums and FAQs, I don’t see it…
I’ve got the latest version of Blender (I think – v2.58a). I downloaded a plugin that was supposed to allow me to import NIF files and manipulate them in Blender, or conversely, model in Blender and export a completed NIF. The plugin is "Blender_nif_scripts-

However, every time I click this file, it redirects me to the Blender download, even though, see above, I actually have Blender installed – and I even RE-installed it to the "Program Filex (x86) directory, which was the default directory on installation click.

This is the pop up box I get —
Blender NIF Scripts 2.5.7 Setup
You will need to download Blender in order to run the Blender NIF Scripts.
Pressing OK will take you to the Blender download page.
Please download and run the Blender windows installer.
It is strongly recommended that you select “Use the installation directory” when the Blender installer asks you to specify where to install Blender’s user data files.
When you are done, rerun the Blender NIF Scripts Installer

But ummm… I did, It is, and Blender itself works just as it always has…

Naturally, without the plug in, poor ol’ Blender just stares out of the screen at me, asking “Alla, what’s WRONG with you?!”

Any ideas, folks?


Have you tried using it with blender 2.57 as the file name implies ?
Those files on the sourceforge page are dated before blender 2.58 was released so with the changes that have occurred with the python api you shouldn’t assume it will work with blender 2.58 unless it explicitly says it does in its documentation.