Oblivion Movie Environment, Blender 2.80 EEVEE

Hello everyone, I’m creating an environment based on the movie Oblivion 2013.
My intention is to model it in 2.80 and texture it in Substance Painter.
At the moment I am modeling the drone workshop and texturing it in EEVEE.


The scene is very blue. Seems very unnatural because of blue. Is that the colors of the movie set?

Yes, i remember the movie as very cold because of the color grading.

Looks good.

The film had cold tones in the area of the drone workshop.
It may not be as blue, but it’s cold.
Here I attach a couple of frames of the movie …

I have also recorded a virtual tour of the stage in progress to observe the progress of the environment.
Oblivion Environment Wip Tour

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The original is a little-bit more cyan, which i find more pleasing to the eye. But man, you did a great job of replicating the scene. And Eevee is really perfect for these kind of sterile environments.
You’re gonna do the drone too?

That’s right, eevee is perfect for showing these types of environments.
Once finished the modeling I want to take it to Substance Painter and export it to Unreal to practice the workflow in the creation of environments for video games.
I did not intend to do the drone, I just wanted to give it a little shape so that not only a sphere hanging from the ceiling could be seen.
When I finish this scene I will go to the first floor and the control tower.
The bubble ship I have modeled last year.


And some props modeled from the movie…

Very good to everyone!
Here we are again in charge with the environment.
I share a video so you can see how the project is evolving.
Once finished the modeling and texturing I will begin to export it to Unreal Engine.
Oblivion Environment Art

I also share some mockups that I created using the actors of the film superimposed on my rendering environment …

@Coptroner this is great! Could you do something like this on commission for me? DM here or Artstation