Oblivion Movie Environment, Blender 2.80 EEVEE

(Coptroner) #1

Hello everyone, I’m creating an environment based on the movie Oblivion 2013.
My intention is to model it in 2.80 and texture it in Substance Painter.
At the moment I am modeling the drone workshop and texturing it in EEVEE.


The scene is very blue. Seems very unnatural because of blue. Is that the colors of the movie set?

(Romanji) #3

Yes, i remember the movie as very cold because of the color grading.

Looks good.

(Coptroner) #4

The film had cold tones in the area of the drone workshop.
It may not be as blue, but it’s cold.
Here I attach a couple of frames of the movie …

I have also recorded a virtual tour of the stage in progress to observe the progress of the environment.
Oblivion Environment Wip Tour

(Romanji) #5

The original is a little-bit more cyan, which i find more pleasing to the eye. But man, you did a great job of replicating the scene. And Eevee is really perfect for these kind of sterile environments.
You’re gonna do the drone too?

(Coptroner) #6

That’s right, eevee is perfect for showing these types of environments.
Once finished the modeling I want to take it to Substance Painter and export it to Unreal to practice the workflow in the creation of environments for video games.
I did not intend to do the drone, I just wanted to give it a little shape so that not only a sphere hanging from the ceiling could be seen.
When I finish this scene I will go to the first floor and the control tower.
The bubble ship I have modeled last year.

(Coptroner) #7

And some props modeled from the movie…

(Coptroner) #8