observating the gnomes

Hello guys, here an project i just finished.
Done in blender with a tiny postprocessing in photoshop. The second and bigger image just took the whole night to render because of the variety of particle emitters. Watch it in ful resolution.
Ive used the great grass essential from blender guru.

That’s one weird looking creature, looks very cool though.

I like the lighting, the creatures skin texture, the grass and the fur on the little guy’s head. The overall atmosphere of the piece works well. Must admit he looks as if he’s staring into a freshly fallen meteor but that’s just my take on it.

Great job.

A mysterious fire creature photographed by chance in the middle of conflagration. I love it! From concept, to render - great work.

Thank you!
Yes, that was the intention, to hide in the prenumbra and opservatien wired things. :slight_smile: