A personal project I’ve been working on in my free time. This is the second and final version of it.

Credits :

Realistic city asset pack (It’s decent but I had to manually edit the materials a lot and they were badly organized. Still a pretty good price if you’re interested)

Unfortunately I noticed that the pack was ripped off from and uploaded without permission to BlenderMarket and I reported it. It’s disappointing to see that happen, but at least it’s taken down now


viewport :


This is really pretty. :slight_smile: nice work!

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Looks great. Only two things too say.

  1. How many post office boxes are on this street? lol.
  2. I think we should be able to see some of the closest traffic signals light reflecting on the street.
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1- They send a lot of letters, okay? lol
2- Yeah, I should have increased the light strength
Thanks for the feedback!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great week :slight_smile:

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Thanks! :smile:
Have a great week for you as well!

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Very good lighting and colors!!
Even tho I like the overall composition, I’m not too sure about the depth of field. It kinda draws my eyes to the middle of the picture, and that’s empty. Maybe if someone was standing in the middle of road? (maybe the guy collecting all the mail?)

Looks like the Realistic City Asset Pack is no longer available.


That’s intentional, actually. I know it’s not as appealing as a scene with a “correct” composition and color grading, but the main theme of these artworks I’m doing is solitude and darkness, and generally being a spectator in an empty world that exists without you, if that makes any sense

Here are some of my other artworks from the same series, btw :

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I forgot to edit the description. Unfortunately the pack was removed from BlenderMarket because it was ripped from another Daz3D pack ( ). I noticed that when I looked into the packed textures and I noticed that it was placed in a folder called “DAZ” and “US3”, I searched for a bit and found the original pack, but I wasn’t able to contact the creator, so I asked for the BlenderMarket staff to do an investigation (especially since the account that uploaded it there was new, under a different name and only had that product). They told me it was ripped off and they removed it from the store