obsession reminds me of you

A conversation I recently had with my brother:

“Cards remind me of you,” he says.
“Want to know my thought process?”
“Cards remind me of obsession, and obsession reminds me of you.”

An abstraction on this exchange:

blender / yafray / gimp




Haha, that’s great. I usually don’t feel inspired after talking with my brother…
nice image too. It looks like of sharp and chunky overall.

That’s kind of funny, when I read that line, I thought it was very romantic. Then I read the story. It’s a very pretty picture, what else can I say. By the way, I didn’t know people really said “groovy”.

I do. :wink:

Nice work.

Would like to see a wireframe of this. 8)




I like the wireframe

No offense but the wireframe is better than the original. And btw, since you explained where “obsession reminds me of you” came from, could you explain how this image is an abstraction of that?