Obsidian Structure

(Gamezdude) #1

Im trying to create a Low-Poly obsidian sword and I thought using the Bisect tool would help created that glass look.

Although this is proving to be to fiddly.
Any suggestions?


(RickyBlender) #2

how ?
high-res model or low res ?

for low res
do a rough low res approximation of shape
then set some UV parts
so do you have access to such images ?

happy cl

(RickyBlender) #3

did one with mix of proc +UV +Principle PBR
does not give the same shape

also depends how realist you want it

would require some sculpting

happy cl



The suggestion to sculpt is correct to me, you can make use of it in some different ways, that is low, middle or high resolution object.

Here is a quick attempt with Dyntopo sculpting (1292 vertices); it is a medium resolution that you could use together with a high poly version from which to bake a normal map. A proper procedural material as shown above by RickyBlender could do the rest.