Obstacle avoidance with steering

Hello guys!
I have a scene where i have a target object and a player object, which uses steering / path following to get to the target object. I use obstacle simulation RVO rays and added some obstacles to avoid for the player object. Works fine and the player object avoids the obstacles.
Now i moved the player object to the second layer. I added an empty to the first layer and i use edit object / add object to let the player object appear in the first layer every ten seconds. the path following works for the spawned player objects, but the obstacle avoidance is not used anymore by the player objects so they get stuck in the obstacles to avoid. What can i do to make the spawned player objects to use obstacle avoidance? Is it a known bug?
Thank you in advance!

Can nobody answer this, please?

Use a state engine activated by a near sensor that detects a property to switch on raycast detour=in path follow mode on a cube and then edit object actuator set to track to to track to the cube after you spawn your character with the empty.I think that should solve problem but i hadn’t tried it.

Send me your blend.

Hi VR,

please find attached the blend:

Scene 1 shows a working example without spawn.

Scene 2 shows one working Cone (works fine as it does in Scene 1) and an empty spawning an exact copy of the cone every 200 logic ticks and it doesn´t work anymore :’-(

Now i count on your skills! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,

Why dont you make holes in your navigation mesh for the enemys and player
to avoid the obstacles.Will that work.I cannot see how to download your blend.

Why dont you use a track to nearest property script like monsters
S2A script.Its in a blend.Use this forums search to get it.Anything
you dont understand about it i will help you with.I believe that will
solve your problem.

Why suggest using something else when he is using the BGE feature made just for this. I can’t find anything wrong with the setup thou. But maybe someone that actually used this before can - or it is a bug to report :-/

Hello everyone!

“Why suggest using something else when he is using the BGE feature made just for this” is my point :slight_smile: It has to work!

On the download page you first need to close the advertise by clicking the square top right on it. On the page itself there is only one button called “download”. There you can find the file. Please have a look at it.

@LaH: If it is a bug, where do we report it?

Thank you!


There’s a dedicated bug tracer for BGE - but it’s surprisingly hard to find. I might have to find it myself for another possible bug.

I tested it out i had the same problem that is why i suggested it.Did you test it out LaH.

Yes - I found nothing wrong with the setup but I have not used it before - anyway - the obstacle avoidance did not work as I would expect.

This is most definately a bug, or an unwanted byproduct. I presume it is how the game objects are precalculated, and that these pathfinding objects aren’t included as part of the obstacle simulation. I shall report it.

Error reported?

Hmm, it appears not to have registered?!
I shall resubmit it.

I reported it now:

It was pretty hard to find a way to report a bug o.O

For now the alternative is to make holes in the navmesh. This only works for covering static objects though.