"Obstacle" not detected when rigging

hy there,

i am trying to do a fluid-sym w/o success.
i have a hand model which i need to fill with liquid.
if i leave the hand where it is i can simulate the fluid filling it, BUT if i RIG it and POSE, well it simply stops detecting it and there’s no chance to have it working.

any hint?

attached the blend file.



5.blend (998 KB)

If the hand isn’t moving while filling, could you use a static dupe of the hand and set it not to render? This kind of non-rendering collision object works very well with cloth, maybe also for the fluid sim?

i need to pose it.
and after i have posed it, i have the same problem,

You need to click the “Export Animated Mesh” checkbox for your obstacle (hand).

this is now working freakin’ fine! :smiley:
my bad i didn’t know that command: but i am sadly a weekend-blender user, and just now i am starting exploring wider options and cooler parts of the SW :slight_smile:

let’s see what will happen :slight_smile: