Obversational Humerus Sculpt to test 2.8 workflows

Here is an observational humerus bone modeling, sculpting, shading etc test to see how the new workflow going to be for me in 2.8. I used Evee and Dyntopo etc stuff.

I did not set up any ref images in the 3d workspace, this is just a purely observing the references study.

It is in progress, and some forms will need to be rewamped with actual bone details, I kind of faked some pores with fakey brush stuff, so details are not failtful on the surface side a tm, hopefully I will make real details later.


Hilarious job! I’ve got no bones to pick with it. :smile:

Thanks, it sure has some humour in it

Exactly, which is much more enjoyable then being so sternum about it.

ok ok I’ll stop now.

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or you just shut the pellvis up.

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