Ocarina Of Time: Volvagia - Zelda FanFilm

Hey everyone. A year ago I got it into my head that I would work on a Ocarina Of Time Fan Film. It focuses on a fight scene in which Link, the non-talkative protagonist, must defeat Volvagia, a fire breathing dragon plaguing the Goron people.|Anyway if your a fan of the Legend of Zelda Franchise then this will be very fun for you. It’s still 6 months fro being finished, but the more support I have the better we will all feel. So tell your friends and check out the progress of this soon on it’s Facebook page…when I have time to create it. Thanks everyone.


  • Adobe After Effects
  • Blender 3D
  • Mocha AE
  • Boujou 3D Tracker
  • Adobe Premire

After Effects Composite final

Blender Passes Break Down…
Ambient Occlusion pass

Emit Occlusion pass