occlude baground geomerty glitch ?

Using 2.49b

in edit mode
theres a glitch.
the “occlude baground geomerty” in soild mode will cause the mesh to turn green and orange.

This is agravating any way to stop this ?


Make sure you are using the very latest graphic card drivers (don’t use the auto update, go to the website and download the latest drivers). As this version of blender is now obsolete, if this is a bug it will never ever get fixed.

Obsolete, gezz It’s been a while since I got 2.49b Blender.
Guess I alt to get 2.57b. Looks like it has as much power as all the other High end 3D app’s at a hell of a price.
Gimp does not have the rep of adobie but it’s killer.
Truespace 4,5,kool app
C4D 9 ,Just cost to much upgrades and all.
Lightwave 7,just never clicked with it.
Never learned Blender ,hotkey drive app’s requires a lot of memory ,I just have a hard time remembering all the hot keys.
Blender looks so killer ,thought I would give it a try.