occluder visibility

How could i make a occluder cube visible if cubes with a certain property are above them?

Uhm…not sure if the physics type can be changed on the fly…
If not, maybe you can make a duplicate and toggle visibility? Or even replace it with a new one?

I think using a radar or ray sensor could do it.

I used a radar to turn the occluded plane invisible and the framerate droped.Meaning it probably disabled occluder.

I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish here…could you provide a (partial) .blend?

Here is the blend.


ocullader.blend (1.94 MB)

What’s wrong with the file? Frame rate seems fine to me…

The problem is when I turn around the plane does not turn invisible.And with more spheres the framerate does drop.I was using occluded
cubes and a plane to hide the spheres from the rasterizer.

I’m sorry I still do not understand the behavior you want and what’s the problem…

I am trying to make a plane visible only when the radar sensor detects a property on another cube.How would you do that with logic bricks?Could i have a blend?

I think I will use the python lod system I found on the internet for this.

I this what you want?

I want the occludder to stay visible only when the property is detected.That did not do that.

occluder only work when they are visible.

I wanted have the occluder to be visible part of the time and not visible part of the time.To make the framerate return to 60 frames.

Why not? The occluder plane turns visible only when it’s near enough to a sphere with the property “prop”

occluder only work when they are visible

They = ???

The occluder plane should turn visible when the property is detected.Then turn invisible when the player moves away.

its pointless to make the occluder invisible it stops working when you do that, and you don’t save any processing power anyway

Not if I turn it on and then off on and then off etc.

it does…

Then turn invisible when the player moves away

just play around with the “Reset Distance” parameter in the near sensor