Occlusion broken?

Is it my imagine or is ambient occlusion not working in 2.5?

It works for me, it’s just that the way you set the scale of the AO effect is different.

The scale works like the approximate AO now, you have numbers like 0.1, 0.5, and 1 for short, weak shadows and numbers like -0.1, and -0.2 for long and strong shadows, the strength also affected by the power slider which hasn’t changed, but now you can set the AO to properly take light away from the scene without the discoloration of the old subtract mode.

Thanks but thats really confused me.

I can’t see a scale slider, theonly slider in the AO panel is multiply. In the gather panel there is distance, strength and samples.

If I set AO to multiply the object is completly black. If I set it to “add” it just seems to make the object uniformly lighter.

Any thoughts?

I believe the slider used to control the scale of the effect is called factor now, also seen abbreviated to fact or f depending on the UI scale.

Use the factor slider and try the values I mentioned in my last post, remember you may have to reduce the strength if you set it to values below 0 to avoid super black areas,