Occlusion Culling - how to activate?

Ok, occlusion culling is where the game engine does’t render anything outside your field of view. Any idea on how to turn this on?

(You can tell if it is on if you use wireframe mode)

I don’t know how it works, but it’s found in the Actuators under Visibility.
It’s also in the Physics Type, under Occlude.

Thank you :slight_smile: Works exactly how I wanted it to, and it is easy enough with an always to visibility logic bricks on the camera.

I find this incredibly interesting. How do I know if it’s working? you said I can use wireframe, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Frustum culling is enabled automatically.

Additionally you can configure occlusion culling as RossBlenderArt suggests. Objects that are completely covered by an occluder are occluded only.

Monster, is there any chance you could give a brief tutorial on occluding objects with an example?

The the occluder works (as you wrote), just by setting the physics type to “occlude”. I have no idea why it is an Physics type. It would make more sense to have it as a checkbox at the object tab. [The invisible button would make more sense at the object tab too.]

See the demo


Occluder.blend (84.5 KB)

Cheers Monster. :smiley:

I never understood why it’s a physics type either. It’s probably got to do with it being a type of object in Bullet itself.

My main problem with occluders is that they can’t act as a wall and an occluder at the same time since occluders won’t allow you to collide with the Occluder object.

Yeah, that’s on purpose. You not meant to be able to, as an occluder shouldn’t move, and should be really low poly (these are so it works efficiently). So it makes no sense to have physics for it