OCD (One Click Damage)


in addon : OCD (One Click Damage)

is there a way to choose which part the object will receive the defect effect?


I guess it has to do with Vertex Group. Since I don’t seem to be able to find vertex group input on the addon layout, I’d suggest you do it manually.

However, this can only work if the addon works nondestructively, meaning that the addon doesn’t change the polycount of the basemesh.

  1. Create a new vertex group. In edit mode, select the areas you want the OCD to have effect on, then click Assign.

  2. Create a new shape key. The first one is your ‘base’ shape key. Then make the second one. In the slider below, drag it into 1. In Vertex Group input, choose the vertex group you have just created.

  3. Use the OCD as you wish.

  4. Voila, you can then use slider back and forth to slide the changes the OCD generated, with them only affecting the areas uou assign in the vertex group.

If the addon works destructively, then you’re out of luck with this method.