ocean and balls:l

just… bored :smiley:


hi @iii210
nice portfolio :slight_smile: although the above image does convey a really nice moonlight scene, it appears a bit dark on my computer. unfortunately this is not my monitor as when i looked at the image’s levels most readings where squashed up against the left. I usually create two layers in this case and blow out the levels on the top image (so that the image looks very light, a bit too light) then blend between the two. I hope you don’t mind but i tried this with your image (just for fun) and managed to get a better contrast ratio. What do you think?

Once again really nice work.

yeah, also, your idea is good, but i wanted to make a… deep ocean, dark, more misterious… and something that break the illusion, that are the balls, that make the render look more… strange and different than others

for sure nice job and i hope to see more of your renders in the future!

Thanks for commenting and giving some good new ideas :wink:

The ocean looks a bit clayey, kind of thick. Nice idea though, hope you don’t mind my input, I probably couldn’t even create the ball :stuck_out_tongue: