Ocean Animation

Hi I new to blender and can’t find any use tutorials, so can someone explain how one would create and animate a realistic ocean in blender? thnx

Well, there are 4 ways in blender. You can either make a fluid simulation (takes forever to bake to get realism and then slows down blender as a whole)(Best way to get realistic results), Using textures to displace the vertices of a plane and then using them for bump mapping (Doesn’t slow the view port down but rendering does take a while on low end machines)(Most efficient), Create textures and then use the displace modifier and assign them to empties for animation (This is the most effective way [before the ocean sim is done] without needing a supercomputer), or you could use the new ocean simulator add on found in some blender builds fond on GraphicAll.org (Best way in Blender 2.5 without needing a supercomputer [However it is still in development]) [Note: if it is a still image you can just use the fractal subdivide]. Bottom line, the fluid simulator is the most realistic but the ocean sim comes really close to it. Final thought: don’t use the fluid simulator when a wave modifier will do.
I attached a quick throw together of the basic principle of the displace modifier concept.ocean_displacemodifier.blend (457 KB)

Thanks I’ll experiment and see what I come up with, I’m not quite sure how to assign to empties for animation but Ill give it a try and research it. Also how did you create the example? You found a ocean texture and used the displacement modifier, because its awesome - not totally realistic but awesome!