Ocean "Catch"

I saw a skill crane the other day, after a bit of thinking about what i could do with it i thought. "why not fill it with aquatic animals like crabs, oysters(with pearls) and perhaps other aquatic prizes :slight_smile: apparently they already do this in Asia with lobsters,crabs, and innocent turtles according to the “reliable” Wikipedia.

I plan on adding a fishing line to the claw.

Any one have an idea to model lobsters or crabs, I’m quite intimidated.

“telephone” wire made with this tutorial(took forever to decipher but after you do it’s pretty cool): http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=91782
be sure to hit the center cursor button for thecube after you move it.



the shell and body are two separate meshes(for now?) needs tweaking and anatomy work,hmm the legs are too short…(first non human organic model :D)

your critique and comments are most welcome


update, should be obvious, plan on using sculpt tool combined with an image for the textures, or may just a displacement modifier?..anyways here it is


getting there…more tests to come and need to finish the detail work on claws and legs

c&c welcome, thanks wam


you have the best art, the last image is much look good.

here it my best test result so far, plan on taking this to texture paint(or gimp?) and adding some color depth to it and maybe a bit of moss…plan on adding a bit of sculpting to it as well…:eyebrowlift:

c&c most welcome, WAM


more tests: anyone know some good texturing tutorials? this is my weakest blender skill

note to self: google: shaders, texturing, continue tweaking, and continue testing

thanks, WAM


Looks like a good start and idea, not much to critique yet, but I’ll watch this and let you know if I see anything :smiley:

more tests :spin: tried some rock textures, tell me what you think

thanks for the comments makepurple & Tcrazy

i’m liking the top left, little gimping to bring out the white?..


I think it pretty much speaks for itself.


not much just tightening it up a bit, gonna ditch the skill crane thing and stick with the crab, gonna give him a cigarette and call it “Smoked Crab” :confused:

anyone got some ideas to spice up my scene?


I bet if you placed a texture to the sky that was a picture of sand, or even a baby blue sky color and set the ambient occlusion to one of those, you could get a nice smooth effect. When you put a photo of a place in for ambient occlusion, and take out even all the lamps, you get a great effect and can control the color pallette really well, as well as get rid of the hard shadows and high specularity.

slow progress, you could say i’ve been a little “high on life” lately. anyway for some reason i continue.

-i can’t put my finger on it, but the composition of this seems wrong and i don’t know how to fix it…
-would like to light the cigarette, but can’t say i know how…
-plan on darkening the wet sand(upper right)
-materials need work

Terence: i did try your technique and it does give super soft shadows and decent coloring as you said, but it’s outside were there is sharp shadows and specular spots, though you did teach me something i didn’t know so thanks, WAM