Ocean city

Okay, I think I am done with mine last project and now I will move to the next…
This image is still incomplete, any C&C will be welcome

It’s a very interesting style. The thumbnail looked like concept art but I could tell it was 3D in the full size. The background is the first thing the pops out because it’s so plain compared to the rest of the image, but I like the color gradient so just needs some clouds and atmospheric effects or maybe the stars and/or moon. The image could also benefit from some color grading to make the foreground feel more like it fits with the bright purple/pink sky.
Some halo light effects around the lamps would look good, because it’s getting dark out, especially where the lamps are in front of the black buildings.
Finally, in general I’m not sure what the focus of the scene is. There’s some blurring on the right but it’s not too strong and the rest of the city is pretty much in focus. Are you planning to add any characters cause that would liven it up a bit.

The main thing I can think of right now is to add some clear differentiation in the features of the buildings.

It doesn’t have to be by a lot, but enough so the buildings don’t like they’ve been copied from the same mesh, the ancient world didn’t really design entire neighborhoods to be full of identical buildings like seen in various cities around the world today.

Did a little test in yafaray, will have other update soon.

yafaray test looks a bit blurry and I can’t really see most of it…

In the BI rendering you seem to have some texture streching problems which can be fixed easily (that’s quite minor)

I think you should move the camera out and rotate it downwards a bit so you can see where the buildings meet the water, as that’s what I naturally want to see…

other than that and what others have said, it looks interesting and different :slight_smile:

I feel like a better POV would be beneficial to the whole concept of this work. The straight ahead view seems strange and kind of lazy. I was thinking maybe a slight angle downwards at the buildings. Like Casio23 said, I want to see where the buildings meet the water.