ocean/iceberg animation

Tell me what you think? I know the icebergs looks off, but I couldn’t get it to look translucent.

Couldn’t decide on a good codec, so here it is: UNCOMPRESSED AVI file inside a RAR container


Well I think the “introduction” is too long (while the camera looks the water) but finally it works quite well. I like it.
And the no-transparency of the icebergs is not so strange.
Were you inspired by the movie “The day after tomorrow” where the introduction is almost the same (i mean, the camera tracking, the water and icebergs …) ?


Guess I was right!
So well done, it works!

I couldn’t see anything. The link did not work %| %|

As for the codecs…Why did not choose DivX or mpeg-1…I think they are good codecs for video over the internet and almost everybody can watch the videos :smiley: :smiley:

My ignorance told me DivX is only available on Win32 :expressionless: Anyways, the compressed RAW file isn’t much bigger than a high quality Divx.

As for the link, i shuffled my server space around, now the animations can be found here: (yes Divx encoded;-))


Link broken

Try the last address he gave!!


—they look nice to me…How did you texture them? Was it procedural or image texture?

If it was procedural…could you post the settings or write a small tutorial?

I am planning to experiment with iceberg shots as well…


Link is not working.