Ocean Invasion #1: Octopus arborealus

More on this piece at: http://biochemicalsoul.com/2010/05/ocean-invasion-1-octopus-arborealus/

Fantastic! I believe I commented on this in the WIP section (or somewhere else), though it may not have gone through (I can’t remember that either). It looks great; my only suggestions are to adjust the UV mapping of the ground (it’s a bit stretched), and to possibly darken the sky some. You said ‘Ocean Invasion #1’. Does this mean you’ll be making another render similar to this one? It looks great though; best of luck with the rest of your projects.

nice :slight_smile: … poor dinosaur :frowning:

Octopus killing a raptor!? GREATEST IMAGE EVAH!
This image is so neat. I love it. The colours are really great on the animals.

Very nice texture work!

i have a new desktop wallpaper!

Very cool image. Reminds me of the Wess’har series.

(By the way, I had to scroll through hundreds of links for software to see the post on your site.)

Amazing image! I particularly like the textures on the octopus and the leaves.

That picture is pure win.

Whoa on the spam links! I can’t see them from my browser (tried both firefox and ie).

Is anyone else seeing tons of spam links like those mentioned above?

And thanks everyone for the compliments!

update: thanks for the spam links heads up - I found a snippet of code in the footer that seemed to be generating it (i could see it in the source code but not in my browsers. Let me know if you still see spam.

It’s called Ocean Invasion #1 because it’s the first in a series of similar concepts. However, the next in the series will be a different project (not a different render).

The main problem with the ground isn’t so much the UVs stretching - it’s because I ended up having to use a lower resolution texture for the ground - the UVs are a perfect unstretched square. I struggled for days trying to get it to render the ground with the resolution I wanted, but Blender crashed every time (I tried multiple builds) - I simply don’t have the RAM (using a 2gRAM, 5 year old laptop)…

I also tried rendering in passes and compositing, but I just couldn’t get it to work correctly (due to my own ignorance on compositing) - something I desparately need to learn better. In the end, I was ready to move on to the next project and accepted the ground texture as it is.

Thanks for the critiques, seriously!

By the way, the tree octopus thing was a hoax :wink:

I’m a biologist :wink:

Also, I had never heard of the “save the tree octopus” campaign until after I made this. Turns out I wsn’t as original as I thought - lol.

Well you know what they say nature is stranger that fiction! Although in this case maybe not. :slight_smile:

The links are gone now, so your post is at the top of the page where it should be. By default I have javascript blocked on unknown sites, so that might be why they showed up for me.

Love the picture, and the rest of your blog by the way