Ocean Modifier and Unity3D?

Can the ocean modifier effectively be used with Unity for an animated ocean?

  1. Animated meshobject
  • The raw ocean modifier cannot be imported into Unity as far as I know.
  • When applying an animated ocean modifier (with keyframes), the animation is lost and only a static resultant mesh is left. Is there a way to apply the modifier and end up with an animated mesh?
  1. Textures
  • Can the .EXR files from a baked ocean be used in Unity? I know Unity supports .EXR for lightmaps, but the .EXR sequences that Blender produce???

Any help much appreciated!

Hi There
If you got MegaFiers for Unity you could bake the animation to a point cache file and import via MegaFiers. That system also has noise, wave and ripple modifiers you can apply in realtime and I understand the author is open to requests for new systems to be added.

Thanks for the helpful info. It seems a good plugin.

I hope you don’t expect this to scale while keeping performance :confused: