ocean modifier Tiling

I’m working on a project where I wanted to use the ocean modifier. I’ve been playing around with it and it seems like it has a major shortfall. It creates just one section of really good looking ocean and then tiles it. I’ve tried to make a depth map so I an see the texture and make something similar with a combination of procedural textures but I just can’t get it as good. Is there any reasonable workaround for the ocean modifier to keep it from tiling, or has anyone been able to create a decent copy of it with Blenders’ built in procedural textures?

OK so the only decent workaround I can find is attached. Basically it involves one regular ocean modifier set to “create geometry”. Followed by several larger scale ocean modifiers set to “displace geometry” with various seeds to kind of move the waves around. It doesn’t look as good but it still looks decent. I’d still love to see a much better implementation if someone has one.
ocean.blend (879 KB)