Ocean night

I gave up on blender for a while. I started to use it 2 days ago again. And i came up with this. I want suggestions of how to make the island and the tree more realistic.


Hey looks pretty good so far. I should also say that I’ve been away from Blender for quite a while and am also getting back into it.

Anyhow, I think adding some reflection to the water would definitely aide in the realism of the island/tree indirectly. Another indirect/easy adjustment would be to add some abmient lighting in the world settings. Night time scenery usually isn’t as “full color” because our night vision is closer to black and white than our daytime color vision. Perhaps an ambient blue tint would help.

As for making them look more realistic directly, I think that comes first in scenery and model detail and then in realistic textures and materials. I’d recommend perhaps adding some variations to the models themselves. Make the island a little bumpier instead of a single big hump and perhaps make the palm tree “segmented” instead of a solid bent pole shape. After that, I’d also perhaps add some smaller objects to accent the island. Maybe some rocks or pebbles? Maybe something washed ashore like a bottle? Then finally I would play around with the textures/materials. Obviously good materials go a long way towards good looking renders, but I think it’s easier to do that latter on personally.

Anyhow, good luck and keep at it!

Nice mood!
I’d add a simple vertex with a halo material beyond the moon to create a glow effect.
Maybe you could too subdivide the sea-plane and move a bit its vertex to create real waves.

Agree with the sky, I’d set it with a light blend with two dark colors. Keep it up!