Ocean Scene

This is a scene I’ve been working on for awhile,
there are issues to be fixed.
I would really appreciate some feedback :slight_smile:

How do I render a flat (stitching 2 shots on a straight dolly)style panorama? Whenever I try to mess with the aspect ratio and pixel count I get weird distortions.
Currently I’m working on a bouey,
I’m hoping to put in on the right side of the pano,
close to the camera but make it so it won’t be the focus.
It also seems it looks dark when it’s online,
how do I go about making it more contiguous throughout most viewing programs?

Wow man amazing!!
How did you achieved the waves? a combination with Ocean Modifier and/or other tricks?

-Perhaps The light house should be emiting the light with more power.
-The render in general could have more contrast
-Keep it up!

Thanks a bunch !
There are people who post back, I’m not invisible !

I achieved it through a good base material for the ocean and foam,
utilizing the new ocean modifier.
The base mesh is around 1 million polygons,
I had it up to 15 million but that’s not worth doing for testing.
Finally to get it to look good I’m utilizing a semi complex array of compositing nodes.
This scene is actually broad daylight with compositing to soften the ocean, and give it a nice feel.
I tried rendeirng it dark but it seems to look black and ugly.
The splashes are float particles(with vector blur, and a dash of other post pro like set alpha) from multiple low res fluid simulations that I rendered and have them added later.
I will supply a slightly stripped down .blend,
just the ocean + fore ground rock since I’m somewhat hesitant to hand the whole thing over.

I will fix the contrast, as I see that is a glaring issue.
Thankfully a quick tweak is all that is needed,
I’ll work on the light, that’s an issue that’s been bugging me.

I will keep it up,
I started this project 9 months ago,
I waited for the ocean sim to come out and now have to finish my first project.

I have many placeholders and things to complete.
Overall is the concept decent?
I’m noticing buoy is distracting, I’ll move it out further and I"m goign to make it red instead of green.

It seems that color and contrast are rather complex.
Some of this I like, some of it I really dislike.

It looks like the light beacon is very small. Maybe it is because of the size of the waves.
You have a big splash on the beacon but there is a dip in the waves, that is contradictory…
Why is the beacon in the middle of the ocean anyway? Are they not usually they are on land, or very very close in the shallow areas like the one in Inception?
Make the glare from the buoy way less. it should not be the same size as the beacon.

Here is some inspiration/reference (just did a light beacon search in google)



Keep in mind that the white forum pages here contrast with your pics making them look darker than they would normally be in full screen or most video player apps.
Great work so far.

I think your buoy is demanding attention because of it’s relative size, not the light. Might be just my take on it as a still pic, (moving vid’s often grab the eyes differently than stills).

Wow, I wish I was that good!
What is the image’s file type? I usually use a .png

Thanks a TON for the feedback!
I will apply what all you guys have mentioned as I’m a “want to be artist” who is more of a technical guy.
I’m so bad with perspective, composition and ideas it’s not funny :slight_smile:
Please criticise my work to pieces as I won’t learn without it.

    DDD, I understand what you mean.

Originally it had a peak of water where the impact is. I will fix that issues as it is very contradictory(yet I was totally oblivious to it!). I used a few references for the lighthouse however since it was 9 months since I modeled it perhaps I wasn’t in a proper frame of mind.
I’ll make the glare much smaller on the buoy as I see your point and it is rather distracting.

The lighthouse is in shallow water, if you notice there are a few rocks in the little cove. However they are far too few and small to make any form of impact.
I’m banking on the hope that more rocks will show it’s shallow and I will raise the seabed up. Maybe I can play with the water material to have some angular transparency.

Dan thanks for mentioning the buoy,
it further confirms my suspicion.


I am new( I don’t have a deep understanding) to the whole aspect of colours and formats. The format is PNG, however (I think) I need to somehow clamp the colour range so it doesn’t look over-saturated or something like that, when it’s converted from EXR.

Anyway, I like DDD’s work! It seems more real to me! You know the spray and ripple thing! It seems more feasible in our world!

I don’t think it’s his work but concepts he found for me online.

Call me st00pid or not. But from the “artistical” point of view (or maybe better: From my personal one) I still like the shot you posted at March 11 best. And one more thing I did not get yet: Are you aiming for a still picture or do you plan to actually animate the scene?

And yeah, nice work <3

You like it(march 11) because the background rocks are more illuminated and visible and that the sky is more bright ? Plus the water is a tad more foggy ?
I see what you mean if that’s the case. I’m rather lacking in many artistic qualities and I really appreciate your feedback…

I’d like it to be an animation however we don’t have reactor particles yet,
I can’t have any splashes that work with an animation currently.
My current goal is a great still, however if they get reactor particles perhaps I can get a good animation.
I have experimented a lot with SPH particles, half of the foam splashes are SPH the other are float particles from the fluid simulator.
If they get the reactor particle feature back in Blender then I could probably get the SPH system to work with the ocean sim in a desirable manner.

I was showing my friend a render, it was a raw uncomped version.
I’ve got a rather large node tree, Blender seems to not like to reload it’s EXR’s after closing. I manually used an input image, I messed something up for the better.
He is telling me the rocks are too black, the sky’s clouds should be more visible, the water is too low res, the buoy is a tad too small…
(I did some format monkeying, it seems that when I upload stuff it doesn’t look like it does within Blender)


This is what you get when you take a monkey and let him play with GIMP for 15 minutes.
(seriously I barely know how to use GIMP)
Plus I did some tweaks and spent time on a failed rain attempt.


pretty cool, but it looks like your ocean cuts off in the last one, unless it is supposed to be a beach, in which case there should be some foam and maybe some driftwood or something.

Thanks :slight_smile:
The ocean cuts off because it takes forever to render when I repeat the ocean, I will repeat it out until it blends into the horizon… I plan on drastically increasing the ocean resolution and doing a bunch of tweaks.
I’ll tone the foam down a ton, it was more of a crazy test to see what I can do with GIMP.

really nice picture, great work, see a real improvement.

Thank you, I appreciate you feedback.
I’ll continue my improvements to this scene.
As always I like the nitpicking, suggestions, feedback and such.