Ocean Sim and Collision?

Hello all,

I was wondering if there is a way to set the ocean sim to be able to collide into something? I would like to do an animation of a lighthouse with waves hitting it. Is this something that is possible or will I have to think of something else? Thanks

that’s not the way the ocean simulator works
its not a fluid simulation so it cant interact with other objects

So what I’ll end up having to do is to have a fluid sim then. Works fine by me, just MUCH more time consuming! :slight_smile: I was hoping to have a quicker way to do it. Thanks for your reply!!!

do you want big waves hitting the lighthouse?
if not, you could combine the ocean sim and dynamic paint to create small waves
kinda like this

YES!!! That is what I am looking for. Nothing large. They will be small waves as the sea will be calm. Can you suggest a good tutorial on Dynamic Paint? I am using the Cycles render engine and 2.61. Thanks!!!

I searched for it on Blender Cookie, Blender Guru, and Blender Nerd and it doesn’t look like any of them have any tutorials. I REALLY like the effect in that animation.

Setting up dynamic paint is not very complicated
here is good tutorial

Thanks a lot!