Ocean simulation and sailboat - the return!

I updated the post.
here’s last render


Nice! Are you going to add the foam for realism? The ocean modifier’s generator has progressed greatly over the past couple of versions (dynamic paint does work)

I’d like to but I’ve made some tests with the foam effect of the ocean modifier and the result was not very good (the shape foam follow the oceans vertices). I’ll post my tests with the settings so you’ll can give me your advice.
do you think I can use the foam attribute in a particle system ?

Finally, you’re wright ! I’ve just make new foams render tests with the latest Blender version and… it’s pretty good :slight_smile:
I’ll make a new animation render

Gorgeous! There actually was a video covering the aspects of foam in ocean modifier (you probably saw it, but just in case you haven’t here it is).

And I think there is as way to input the foam value into a particle system - via particle nodes developed by this guy. You might want to check that blog out if you want a more complex foam.

Yes I’ve watched it in order to create my blender work. This the best tuto I’ve founded for the Blender’s oceans modifier.
The blog about the particle node seams to be very interesting ! Thank’s :slight_smile:
Actually, I work on a separate rendering for the particles (Internal blender renderer) and the rest of the animation (Cycles), if I render all in once it’s terribly long because of the reflections between the numerous particles and the oceans surface.
I’ll post the video soon…

Reduce the number of light bounces in Render tab under Sampling. The scene will become slightly darker, but the render times should improve.

Good idea! I’ll make the test

Finally, I’ve choosen the internal blender render for the particles because it leave me much more possibilities to mix the result by post compositing. I made a first post compositing animation. give me your feeling about it :

Great improvememt! Looks very nice. All that’s left to do now, is add some glares, desaturate and add some dirt/rust to the boat, and you’ll have a realistic yacht! Did the render time decrease with less bounces btw?

Thanx guy :slight_smile:
I need to work on the foam toward the hull and after ill work on the textures.

An other animation with the whole boat except the crew and the upperworks.
The particles are not good enough but I work on it.

Fantastic model Zakousky! You obviously know your vessel - and the ocean. I see too many ocean sims that look like flopping bathwater, exactly like the ocean isn’t:-) you seem to be dismissing the bow wave results in the second video. It looks pretty damn fine to me. Can you share how you achieved it. Did you use dynamic paint waves? You call it a particle system. Can you share the settings?

The second one looks awesome, but the camera movement from the first one would make it even more awesome. Do you have any tricks you’d be willing to share for making such nice camera movement?

That is very nice!!! Well Done!!

Hey that´s a cool you like the result. Thank you to follow my work :slight_smile:

I’m glad to see you like the animation ! Concerning the camera animation, I agree with you. The first one is better. My method is simple : only two keyframes by plan and a tracker on an empty object parented at the boat. If you want I’ll make some screenshots.

Hello Ross M. I’ll happy to share my settings. I’ll make some screenshots as soon as possible.

That’s clever. I can’t wait to try it on something. It would be nice to see some screenshots.

I’ll make the screenshots this week end. in the meantime I am trying to calculate a new rendering but Blender is crashing All the time :frowning: