Ocean simulation and sailboat - the return!


(Zakousky) #82

The complete ocean material :

The ocean material (surface only) :

The ocean material without the wave and boat foam:

The ocean material with the foam wave only :

The ocean modifier :

The attributes (wetmap & foam ocean) of the ocean material :

The “deep” plane under the ocean surface

The ocean’s dynamic paint surface attributes :

The ocean’s dynamic wetpaint attributes :

(Lsscpp) #83

Wow, that’s a lot of infos, thank you!
I’ll take a look the sooner I can…

(Zakousky) #84

Don’t hesitate if you need some details or explanations

(Zakousky) #85

Wow ! Beautiful video ! :slight_smile:

(Zakousky) #86

Did you made the jacuzzi surface with an Oceans modifier ?

(Lsscpp) #87

Yes, ocean modifier. As far as I remember, it’s a highly subdivided circle, with the modifier in “displace” mode.
I can share the settings if you need, but it’s really the matter of a little tweaking.

(Lsscpp) #88

Too bad I can’t share the latest video I made this summer: no noise, better sea with real sea-bottom and water color absorption, cool and photographic background instead of no-man’s open waters. Also, better materials (mostly pbr) and filmic workflow.
As soon as it gets published on the web (if ever) i’ll take care of posting it here

(Zakousky) #89

Good idea ! I thought you used an ocean modifier and a Boolean intersection with a cylinder

(Zakousky) #90

I’d be glad to see this new version of your video !

(Zakousky) #91

Hi everybody !
here’s a new version with a better simulation of the front wakes.

(thorst) #92

Wow this looks awesome!

(Zakousky) #93

Thank you guy ! :slight_smile:

(Zakousky) #94

Hello everyone ! Here is the new version of the second sequence of my video. This sequence was built as if we had a GoPro camera attached to the front of the boat - I added sound for the atmosphere :slight_smile:

(minoribus) #95

That’s really nice. I like the idea of simulating a GoPro. Camera shake and the water drops on the lens add a lot to it. The only little thing is that I’d expect the water spray from the ship’s bow coming more from below the camera.

Did you use a wide angle lens for the camera settings like the GoPro has?

(Zakousky) #96

Yes :slight_smile:
I’ve set the camera on Panoramic with a fisheye equisolid 20mm lens in order to avoid the circular render

(Zakousky) #97

this is the first take of the final video. There are some crazy particles wich jump everywhere but I’ll clean it on Photoshop when the whole sequence will be finished.

(Zakousky) #98

This is the third take
I’ll be glad to have your feel about the result :slight_smile: