Ocean simulation and sailboat

I actually work on the interaction between ocean modifier and dynamic painter.

The physics animation result begin to be good.

I try to create foams at the rear boat during a sailboat animation, but I don’t find a realistic solution.
Here’s the two renders…

and the result I try to obtain in my animation (in that case = mxing image with a blender layer in Photoshop)
Thanks for your help

Finally, I’ve found a solution based on particle emitter and a collision test between de particles and the ocean…

Can you post a blend file? This is awesome!

Here’s 2 render with the complete sailboat even if the final version will be slightly different because I don’t like the roof structure.
The actual version :

The final sailboat type :

Hello ! Sorry to didn’t answer yet :smiley:
Unfortunatly I can’t post the Blender file because I think it’s too big to be uploaded but don’t hesitate if you need some explanation or some screenshots (particles; material…).

Very nice test. Please, Don’t hesitate to share with us technics on how to etc

Cool !
But i don’t know where to begin with
Let’s start with the ocean.
The modifier :

The material node :

I animate the time ocean modifier and slightly the location coordinate noise displacement to enhance the water reflection surface.

That first render is really nice :smiley:

ThanX !
And now, let’s modelize the final hull…

Iv’e finished the hull

That is an amazing simulation. I, too, am interested in how you pulled it off. If the blend file is too large to upload here, you could upload it somewhere else (like Dropbox or Google Drive) and post a link.

I’m about to increase the foam amount with particle emitter and weight paint but I don’t know how to use the weight paint stroke to modify the ocean material…
Got some advice about this problem ?

For the f blend file, I will look for this solution. I’ll link the youtube tuto I’ve used too.
Thanks guys !

Work in progress… :slight_smile:

One last version and “au dodo” !

It looks briliant! i am waiting for final render

Coool. Thanks for showing the techique

I think I can begin to work on the fittings and the sails.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Here are 2 methods to make objects floating.

Floating object with Softbody and vertex group

Floating object with weightPaint

Enjoy :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: That dynamic paint sim is so cool haha…i didn’t know you could do that with dynamic paint…learnt something new!